Your digital life at a glance

Portal is your Professional E-Mail Suite dashboard. It provides a convenient overview of what’s happening in Professional E-Mail Suite. Bringing together several widgets, it shows your latest email, displays upcoming appointments, reminds you of open tasks, and more. If you need more details, simply click on the widget, you will see everything you need in the pop up.


All your Apps in one view

Portal is your dashboard for all your digital touchpoints, one clear view of all your key facts and figures. Latest emails, upcoming events, all your important tasks and birthday reminders all in one place.
You can even import third party content: get travel weather updates, subscribe to relevant social media feeds, and check the latest news with RSS– all in one place.


The fastest way to access what you need to know

Portal provides far more than just view; you can interact directly with the widgets. One click opens a pop up displaying key info, a second click takes you to the relevant App. Don’t forget, many shortcuts are available, for example, you can answer email directly from Portal.

Responsive Design

The best experience on the go.

Portal is device-independent and designed to look good on any device. This means that you can access it from your desktop or laptop PC just as well as from your tablet or smartphone. The widgets will adapt to give you the best possible view for your screen size


Your fully personalized dashboard

You are in control of your portal’s design and organization. Add the widgets you need and remove the ones you don’t. You can also move widgets around and place them where you like. If you want more, you can add RSS feeds or third-party widgets, such as twitter, tumbler etc.

You can organize the Portal to match the way you work. For example, view all your latest files in one widget, or add important documents so you can open them quickly whenever you need them.

Advanced Halo View

Halo View takes it to another level on the Portal