Tasks: manage your to-do’s.

Tasks provides everything you need for creating, managing, and completing your daily or long-term tasks.
Creating new tasks and updating existing items is easy, just fill in two fields: Subject and Description.
For more complex long-term challenges, you can expand the form and add more details: start and due date, reminders, progress, quick notes etc.

Take a closer look at Tasks

Tasks uses the same intuitive Professional E-Mail Suite design you are used to. The folder tree shown on the left lets you group your tasks in specific folders, and you can separate your private tasks from shared and public ones. At the center of the screen you can select a folder to see a summary of the tasks you created. This shows the tasks subject together with other useful information, such as deadline and status.
Finally, on the right side, you can browse the selected tasks details and read additional notes. The following information can be included:

  • The start and end date
  • Whether the task is a recurring one
  • Reminders
  • Status and progress percentages
  • Priorities
  • Participants
  • The associated time used, distance, and costs
  • Billing information